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Peter Andre has been discussing baby names he likes with his fans on Twitter, but he and Emily MacDonagh are yet to decide.

The couple, who welcomed their second child together in November 2016, took six weeks to reveal the name of their first daughter, Amelia.

And it looks as if the same might happen the second time around.

When one fan asked when he was going to reveal the name of his son, Andre replied on Twitter: “Loving so many names: James, Theo (Theodore), Benjamin.

“All the other ones I loved the kids don’t like haha.”

He also told another fan “Oscar” was on the list.

But his two-year-old daughter Amelia has different ideas.

Or maybe he is just trying to confuse us…

And although he hasn’t shared a photo of his son yet, he’s given us a preview of what he looks like.

“Poor thing looks exactly like me,” Andre tweeted to another fan on 1 December. 

Time well tell!

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